Group Counseling Psychotherapy

Group Therapy

  • Do you often wonder if you are all alone in your struggles?
  • Do you feel ashamed or depressed by your habits and need support of others around you?
  • Do you feel you would like to learn how to better tolerate stress in your life?

 If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, you can benefit from group therapy!


What is group therapy?:

       In therapy groups I lead, we usually have about 4-6 individuals who meet together for about 90 minutes. Groups are “process oriented” which means that members are encouraged to talk about what they want to talk about. There is not much outside structure to group therapy. Members are encouraged to give feeback to one another. A safe environment is created by setting up group rules.

 Why is group therapy helpful?:

  1. Being in a group gives members the ability to give support to each other and receive support from each other.
  2. Group allows members to learn alternative ways of relating to people.
  3. Group gives members a sense of hope, as they see others overcoming their struggle, they feel they too can tackle life’s issues.
  4. A climate of trust is established in a group that makes talking about your issues easier.

     Email me  or call me at 702-245-6677 to find out what groups are running and how to sign up!