I grew up in Missouri. There were no block walls between the houses. In fact, sometimes you mowed the neighbors front lawn because you didn’t know where your grass ended and theirs began. There were block parties and neighbors knew each other. Up until last week, I longed to go back to that sense of community.

That is, until I felt our brand of community. The night of October 1st, 2017 changed our city forever. We experienced a trauma like no other. Not only those who were concertgoers, the whole community was traumatized. And then we rose. Like no other city. We responded. We mobilized. We gave blood. We donated money. My therapist community offered and continues to offer free crisis counseling to those in need. We organized. We rallied. It didn’t matter what your beliefs were about gun control or what your politics were, as a community, we saw a need and we stepped up.

That’s the community of Las Vegas. We’re the rugged, silent type. We may not have neighborhood block parties. Mostly because we’re busy getting shit done. Working around the clock to keep this 24 hour town running. But, I guarantee, when crisis hits, we are there for each other. We show up. We love our neighbors. We sacrifice for one another. We are Vegas Strong.